About Doc’s Oils

Doc’s Oils is a CBD product line hand-picked by Dr Jason Talley, a.k.a. the “Doc.” Notably, Talley launched his product line as an extension to his long-standing Chiropractic practice in Granite City, Illinois to give his patients better access to safe CBD products. After years of research and product testing, Talley finally found the best CBD products for different wellness goals.

Talley proudly offers a wide selection of targeted CBD products to help his patients reach their unique wellness goals. Now, thanks to his newly launched online CBD store, you can buy Doc’s Oils CBD products, too!

Meet the Doc

Dr Talley has been a practising chiropractor for more than 20 years thanks to his passion for helping people. Talley takes pride in listening to his patients’ problems, giving diagnoses, and then providing them with actionable solutions.

“I believe most injuries and pain come from inflammation and spinal misalignment,” Talley says. “If treated with specific adjustments, stretching, and postural exercises, patients can eliminate this pain and prevent it from coming back.”

“I also believe plant medicine can be beneficial in speeding up the healing process,” he continues. “We recommend good nutrition and CBD supplementation for pain relief.”

When Talley isn’t helping patients in his office or through his virtual CBD consulting services, he likes to produce edutational hemp material and engage with his community via social media or spend time with his family.

Dr Jason Talley

My Beliefs About CBD and Holistic Health

  • I believe everyone is inflamed and stressed.
  • I believe the endocannabinoid system is real and can be deficient just like other systems in the body.
  • I believe CBD significantly reduces inflammation by improving the signaling to the pain mediating receptors so that they can function properly.
  • I believe humans can have a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system. That deficiency causes dysfunction. In turn that dysfunction causes increased inflammation and pain throughout the whole body.
  • I believe CBD and cannabinoids if used properly (proper time, dosage, and combination), can replenish the brain and body of those deficiencies and thus improve your health and reduce your pain.
  • I believe with a proper mindset, a focused exercise regime (high cardio/HITT), eating for FUEL (hybrid high protein/fat diet, low/no sugar), and supplementation with CBD and cannabis you can reverse or slow chronic disease.

``This is a very nice shop. The people here are nice and helpful there is a wide variety of products straight farm to table. The knowledge from the staff if great with future learning opportunities.``

Daniel Robinson

``Doc's oils has helped me so much with pain! I have `{`an illness`}` and pain meds can make it worse.
Doc's oils are safe, farm to table, along with Dr. Talleys knowledge of dosage for each person.``

DeeDee Culvar

If you have doubts or questions about CBD, ask the Doc. I know he can help you as well. He is willing to help anyone in pain.
Thanks Dr.Talley.
You're Awesome!

Sheryl Johnson

Doc’s Oils is honored to serve the Granite City, IL area, and we’re excited to serve you, too!

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