The Doc’s Oils Difference: What Makes Doc’s Unique?

Doc’s Oils Difference

The Doc’s Oils Difference: What Makes Doc’s Unique?

The Doc’s Oils Difference: What Makes Doc’s Unique? 1080 1080 Abby Hauck

The Doc’s Oils Difference: What Makes Doc’s Unique?

Doc’s Oils CBD products are unique in many exciting ways. Notably, most of our customers first come to us for our affordable CBD prices. However, they return for the curated selections and amazing customer service. Indeed, the doc’s oils difference goes well beyond our affordable, high-quality CBD products to include a well-rounded, highly targeted, complete wellness routine. That’s because our foundation is rooted in the health of our community, not the depth of our pockets.

We’re in Business for Health, Not Wealth

Founded by Dr Jason Talley, Docs Oils is on a mission to improve the health and well-being of everyone within our community. Whether you’re shopping for CBD online or looking for local CBD in the Granite City, Illinois area, our goal is to help you feel better however we can.

Our shelves are filled with targeted hemp cannabinoid products each designed with specific health goals in mind. What’s more, these condition-focused formulas always include exceptionally high-quality ingredients, including locally-sourced hemp extracts and other natural elements.

Finally, we strive to keep our prices low to improve the accessibility of our premium hemp products. We can do this because we get our CBD products directly from the source instead of outsourcing our supply to a third party. Only the best CBD products make it to our shelves and only at affordable prices.

We’re More Than an Online CBD Store

The qualities listed above are a few common reasons our customers keep coming back. However, they do not fully encompass the Doc’s oils difference. Indeed, Doc’s Oils is so much more than a CBD store. Instead, we are a family of proud patient advocates who understand the complex scope of multi-faceted wellness.

We aren’t here to sell you a product, we’re here to help you improve your well-being. We do this by offering health education tools, live product updates, community involvement opportunities, and carefully curated product and wellness routine recommendations.

Would you like extra support? Dr Talley, Founder and licensed chiropractor will work directly with you to determine the best routine for your wellness goals. He often recommends specific diets or exercises that can help you live your best life. Additionally, he may suggest the best CBD products to match your goals. Notably, his time with you will not be treated as a sales pitch, but rather as a carefully curated, doctor-patient wellness consultation. You’ll only receive the advice you need and nothing that you don’t.

Doc’s Oils Difference: Helping the Community That Helped Us Grow

Dr Talley has been practising in his hometown of Granite City, Illinois, for over two decades. As a licensed chiropractor, he has helped thousands of people within the Granite City metro area achieve better health with minimal medication.

Now, thanks to the community that helped grow his family-owned business, Dr Talley can take his practice — and indeed his passion — to a broader audience. Over the years, he has witnessed first-hand the incredible praise his CBD products receive. Consequently, he decided to expand his reach by bringing his practice to an online audience. That’s why he now offers curated CBD product suggestions in addition to his wellness consultations. Online or in-store, Doc’s mission is to help his community feel better and grow together. 

Contact us now to learn more about the Doc’s Difference or view our CBD product selection. You can also follow us on social media or join our mailing list for health tips, product updates, and special promotional offers.


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