Is CBD Safe?

Is CBD Safe?

Is CBD Safe? 150 150 Mike Randolph

Yes, CBD is safe to consume (as are all other elements of the hemp plant). However, CBD product safety depends more closely on its source. Where does the CBD come from? What are the product testing results?? Did the manufacturer employ ? These are all important questions to consider when asking “is CBD safe?”.

Notably, the CBD hemp industry is incredibly young, so there are few regulations in place to protect consumers from bad products. Though the FDA stipulates that hemp products can contain no more than 0.3 percent THC by weight, it does not control product quality. As such, consumers should carefully choose the best CBD product retailer, and retailers should pay extra heed to the products they provide.

Don’t worry, though. We gotchu!

At Doc’s, we only stock the best CBD products and only after thoroughly vetting them for safety. What’s more, we understand that great health starts with great products that can nourish and protect the body. As such, we will never compromise your health or our high standards to save a few bucks or time in our schedule. We’re here to help, even if it takes a little extra time.

Is CBD Safe? It is When You Buy from Doc’s!

Make no mistake: your health is our top priority. That’s why we personally test all of our products and work closely with the farmers and manufacturers who create them. Additionally, we’ve developed each of our formulas with optimal benefits in mind. This includes a strong focus on complementary elements that engage the entourage effect.

We also include all pertinent information on our labels and packaging and post all COAs predominantly on our website. We want you to confidently know that, yes, our CBD is safe to consume.

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