Live Recap: Tips for Good Spinal Health

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Live Recap: Tips for Good Spinal Health

Live Recap: Tips for Good Spinal Health 1080 1080 Abby Hauck

Live Recap: Tips for Good Spinal Health – Your spine is a miraculous unit designed to support the entire body. To be clear, the spine keeps the pelvis, lower back, chest, and neck in balance to align the head, legs, and trunk. It provides support to the whole body in both structure and functionality and contributes to every single move we make. In other words, good spinal health is literally the “backbone” of whole-body wellness.

This week, Doc talks about the importance of good spinal health and then outlines some things you can do to protect your spine and keep it strong. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more.

Tips to Improve Spinal Health

Good spinal health requires conscious effort. Even those who sit all day should find time to move, stretch, and build a strong back. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to strengthen your spine and only requires a few minutes here and there throughout the day. Here are five tips you can use for good spinal health.

Engage in Purposeful Movement

All too often, we’re caught in a monotonous cycle of sitting and slouching and straining our bodies in ways they were not meant to move. Over time, this can wear on our spinal system, causing pain, inflammation, and an overall crummy time. However, by purposely moving throughout your day, you can minimize swelling and strengthen the muscles that support your spine. A quick walk around the office or 20 jumping jacks every hour or so should do the trick.

Be Consistent

Movement is good, but consistency is key. It’s not enough to get up and stretch after reading this article. If you want to maintain good spinal health, then you must move consistently. Just set your timer every hour to remind you to move, stretch, tighten your abdomen and unclench your jaw.

Keep Your Back Strong and Balanced

Good spine health requires a strong back, which needs to only take around 10 minutes a day if you stick with it. Notably, core exercises, such as those that strengthen your back and abdomen, help protect your spine and keep it healthy. Dr. Jason recommends two core-strengthening exercises you can do daily: a one-minute plank or 20-50 hip bridging reps.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your spine carries the weight of your entire body, so a well-balanced, well-proportioned body type is ideal. To maintain a healthy weight and support your spine’s health, eat plenty of fresh foods and minimize dense fats and preservatives. This will also limit the number of inflammatory chemicals your body produces, which can help regulate pain and other inflammatory responses throughout the body.

Get Sufficient QUALITY Sleep

Time spent in bed does not always equate to one’s quality of sleep. Just because you spend eight hours in bed each night does not mean those eight hours are productive or recuperative. Unfortunately, when sleep quality suffers, so does your ability to heal and stave off inflammation. As such, you should always strive for good quality sleep, which includes proper sleep posture. In most cases, side-sleeping with a pillow between the legs is best because it helps keep the spine straight during rest. (CBD oil might also help)

Things to Remember About Good Spinal Health

Good spine health is important, and these tips can help you achieve just that. However, always pay attention to pain and discomfort when you’re beginning any new exercise routine. If any stretch or exercise hurts, then slow down, re-evaluate the movement, and adjust it as necessary. Remember: pain is a sign that something is off. Do not try to “push through” it or hurry strength training exercises. Instead, listen to your body and treat it with the respect it needs. I promise it will return the favor.

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