How Nature Heals; Mother Nature and Well Being

how nature heals

How Nature Heals; Mother Nature and Well Being

How Nature Heals; Mother Nature and Well Being 1200 800 Abby Hauck

How Nature Heals – There’s something truly inspiring about the way Mother Nature supports us. The food we breath, the water we drink, and the air we breathe all contribute to our well-being in miraculous and intricate ways. But nature gives us so much more than oxygen and sustenance. In fact, Mother Nature actually supports our entire well-being – both inside and out – to protect us and keep us in alignment with our surroundings.

Today, we’ll talk about how nature heals us and then list some tips you can use to get the most out of Mother Nature.

Why It’s Important to Get Outside

Research continually notes the healing power of Mother Nature. For example, studies show that spending time outdoors lowers cortisol levels, which is a hormone the body produces when stressed. As such, spending time outdoors may help alleviate mood problems like depression and anxiety. Time in nature may also correct blurred vision associated with too much screen time, improve concentration and creativity, and boost immune system functioning via a boost of Vitamin D from the sun.

Back to Our Roots: We Are All Part of the Same System

It’s likely no surprise that a peaceful landscape can induce calming feelings. In fact, even an image of a peaceful landscape can elicit a calming effect, according to some research. So why is it that nature has such a profound impact on our health and mood?

Though there are many theories surrounding this topic, I propose that the reason nature heals us is quite simple: we are nature. As such, when we interact with natural environments, we are tapping back into our roots to re-ground ourselves. The same is true for plants and animals, as well, which tend to grow larger in natural settings.

Tips to Harness the Healing Power of Mother Nature

Though we don’t know exactly how nature heals us, we know that it does. Now the trick becomes figuring out ways to harness the power of Mother Nature in ways that benefit us without damaging the environment or impeding our schedules. Here are five tips that can help you do just that.

Bring Home Plants

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives, which can make it hard to get into nature often. Fortunately, you can benefit from nature in your own home or backyard! For example, house plants not only provide visually calming effects, but they clean the air you breathe, too. Likewise, gardening can boost your mood by exposing your body to the sun and exposing your brain to microbes in the soil that can stimulate serotonin production. Finally, eating plant-heavy diets can boost your health and mood by nourishing the body and improving neurotransmission.

Forest Bathe

Forest Bathing is the act of immersing oneself in natural surroundings like a forest or park to improve one’s well-being. Importantly, research suggests that forest bathing can lower one’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress-inducing hormone levels. Many cultures practice forest bathing, and many doctors prescribe the act to patients who need help healing or a quick boost in mood.

Ground Yourself

“Grounding” or “earthing” are terms used to describe the purposeful act of walking barefoot on soil or grass. Importantly, grounding is incredibly beneficial to one’s health. For example, grounding can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and regulate heart health. Grounding also helps you attune yourself to your surroundings and the sensations they produce, thereby reducing anxiety and feelings of stress.

Go for a Hike

Hiking incorporates two valuable facets of whole-body health: physical and mental. That’s because hiking serves as an enjoyable form of exercise while also helping you destress and connect with Mother nature. The fresh air, calming scenery, and relaxing sounds of nature combined with a little physical activity work together to improve your wellbeing, even if just for the day.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life. However, a vacation in nature can actually improve your health and productivity later. For example, the fresh air can stimulate your creativity. Likewise, the beautiful scenery can motivate you to exercise. Additionally, the physical sensations experienced in nature can improve memory and cognition. Finally, stepping away from responsibility to reground yourself with nature can inspire and motivate you to power through monotonous work tasks later.

How Nature Heals: Closing Thoughts

Your wellbeing should be one of your biggest priorities, and the outside world is just waiting to support it. If you’ve been feeling gloomy or unwell, then a trip into nature may be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, if getting outside is challenging, whether due to pain or a low mood, then CBD may be the boost you need to get going. If you’re ready to start feeling better but just need a little push in the right direction, then shop our selection of CBD products or contact me to discuss the best CBD products for you. You can also join our community to receive health tips and promotional offers in your inbox or social media feed.

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