Live Recap: How to Choose the Best CBD Product

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Live Recap: How to Choose the Best CBD Product

Live Recap: How to Choose the Best CBD Product 1080 1080 Abby Hauck

Knowing how to choose the best CBD product shouldn’t be a challenge – but it is! Essentially, the CBD industry is so young and so popular that just about anyone can slap a “CBD” sticker on a bottle, jack up the price, then sell it to an eager audience. Unfortunately, this overabundance of sub-par CBD products has sullied many peoples’ views about CBD. However, the best CBD products should never have you guessing about their effectiveness. You will know.

In today’s video, Doc outlines three important considerations you should ask yourself when choosing the best CBD products for you. Watch the video below to hear it straight from the Doc or continue reading for a quick breakdown of the video’s key points.

Ask These 3 Questions to Choose the Best CBD Product for You

Before we delve too deeply into how to choose the best CBD product, we must reiterate one thing: every body is different. Each person processes foods, medicines, and other substances differently than the next. We also have our own health goals and preferences regarding consumption methods and frequencies as well. As such, there is no definitive answer to the question, “what is the best CBD product”.

Fortunately, there is a good answer to the question “what is the best CBD product for you.” What’s more, you can determine the best CBD for you just by asking yourself these three simple questions.

Why do I want to take CBD?

To begin your CBD buyer journey, ask yourself why you want to try CBD in the first place. For example, are you trying to minimize pain, reduce mental stress, sleep better, or maintain general wellness?

Knowing exactly why you want to take CBD can help you determine the best CBD product for you in a few ways. First, the type of CBD product you choose – and the dose you require – will vary based on the goals you wish to achieve. For example, those who consume CBD for pain often prefer highly potent, fast-acting products like tinctures. On the other hand, those who simply wish to maintain wellness often prefer long-lasting capsules, dose-controlled capsules.

Additionally, knowing why you’re taking CBD helps you better determine if your CBD products are working. To be clear, finding the best CBD products takes time, which means you may have to try a few different products and product types to find the best options for you.

When you know why you’re taking CBD before you even start, you can keep better track of your progress along the way. Start by journaling your symptoms before starting a CBD regimen then document things like product type, dose, frequency, and effects along the way. If you’re not witnessing the results you’d hoped for, then readjust your CBD product plan and keep trying.

What types of CBD products fit my lifestyle?

Now that you know why you’re trying CBD, it’s time to figure out what types of CBD products suit you best. To determine this, ask yourself what types of CBD products fit your lifestyle. For example, do you prefer the convenience of capsules, the speed of tinctures, or the localized effectiveness of topicals?

When you choose CBD products based on your lifestyle, you’re more likely to remain consistent with your consumption. This is especially important given that some researchers believe CBD’s effectiveness may improve over time.

Is this a quality CBD product?

Now that you know why you want to try CBD and what product types might work best, it’s time to start shopping! However, don’t get ahead of yourself yet! With thousands of CBD brands on the market, you still have to determine which one is best for you. To do so, ask yourself about the quality of products a brand sells. For example, where do they source their hemp cannabinoids? How close are they to the farmers and extractors? And are their products third-party tested with verifiable COAs?

To be clear, a COA (Certificate of Analysis) is an official document outlining things like cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and (ideally) contaminant ratios. The best CBD products should always include updated COAs and full product transparency.

Final Thoughts About Choosing the Best CBD Products

Doc’s Oils proudly offers some of the best CBD products in Granite City, Illinois. We’ve carefully developed each one of our products out of greenhouse-grown cannabinoid hemp to help you reach your unique wellness goals. What’s more, all of our products are third-party tested and include accurate COAs to verify potency and purity.

We’re excited to have you here understand the complexity of choosing the best CBD products all too well. You can ask yourself the questions listed above to help you decide or contact us to ask the Doc what he thinks might help. Request a free 15-minute consultation here or send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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