3600 MG Elderberry Flavored CBD


Our 3600 mg CBD tincture is both potent and flavorful, featuring a full spectrum of hemp-based cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Importantly, this natural formulation gives our full-spectrum tinctures a wider potential for benefit as these elements work together to support our physical and mental well-being. What’s more, with a whopping 3600 mg of cannabinoids per bottle, this elderberry-flavored tincture is our most potent CBD product available.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum hemp CBD refers to a type of hemp extract that contains all of the most valuable hemp elements in concentrated form. These compounds include aromatic terpenes, colorful flavonoids, and ECS-stimulating cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBD, and more.

Importantly, full-spectrum CBD seems to be beneficial thanks to a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect. Essentially, the Entourage Effect suggests that hemp compounds are more effective when consumed together as each element interacts with and supports the next. Terpenes, for example, also stimulate both cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid receptors, which may alter the product’s overall effects.

Great Elderberry Flavor

As mentioned, full-spectrum CBD oil contains many valuable plant elements, including terpenes and flavonoids. These therapeutic compounds may also display relatively strong flavors and odors, which some consumers find less palatable than isolated cannabinoid products.

Fortunately, our 3600 mg CBD tincture also includes an all-natural elderberry flavor, which helps mask strong plant flavors to make the product more enjoyable to consume. Sublingual absorption is easy when the product tastes great, and this CBD hemp tincture certainly hits the mark.

Easy to Consume

CBD tinctures are wonderfully easy to consume and offer easily adjustable dose options, as well. Simply add a dropper-full to your favorite food or drink or apply the product just under the tongue for sublingual absorption.

Importantly, swallowing and metabolizing cannabinoids (for example, adding tincture to your morning coffee) requires more absorption time than sublingual consumption. Sublingual dosing also tends to be more potent because fewer cannabinoids burn off during the metabolic process. However, the substance generally doesn’t stay active in the bloodstream for as long. As such, consumers can determine their own consumption method, frequency, and dosing requirements. This gives consumers more control over their overall experience. No wonder our 3600 mg tincture is a favorite among so many of our shoppers.

Buy 3600mg CBD tincture from Doc’s Oils

Here at Doc’s Oils, we carefully select our products and vendors based on the needs of our clients and patients. Additionally, we believe in the healing power of cannabis and its ability to target many health concerns. As such, we’ve developed an extensive product line, including highly targeted, potent hemp products like our elderberry flavored 3600 mg CBD tincture.

Contact us to learn more about our doctor-approved CBD product line or view our hemp product catalog now. Also, join our community for news, product updates, and health tips courtesy of the Doc himself.

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