Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies are massively popular thanks to their delicious flavors and powerful effects. Importantly, these non-intoxicating hemp gummies are infused with a full spectrum of hemp extract elements, including CBD and other minor cannabinoids plus all-natural terpenes and flavonoids to improve their therapeutic qualities.

Full-Spectrum CBD Gummy Features

Full-Spectrum CBD gummies boast a broad cannabinoid profile, including 25mg of CBD in each bite plus other minor cannabinoids. Depending on the specific batch, additional cannabinoids could include CBN, CBG, CBC, and THC (though generally not enough to cause visible impairment). Additionally, full-spectrum extract also includes hemp-based terpenes (scented oils) and flavonoids (natural colors). Importantly, experts believe that these elements also hold some therapeutic benefits. As such, full-spectrum CBD gummies may exert synergistic benefits like boosted mood and reduced pain.

Notably, each jar contains 30 bite-sized hemp gummies for a one-month supply of daily CBD.

Why Try CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that primarily develops in hemp-type cannabis. Importantly, CBD interacts with a series of receptors in the body, which is part of a larger endocannabinoid system. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which helps control and regulate stressors within the body. For example, the endocannabinoid system triggers different reactionary stress responses such as swelling that follows physical injury and low mood following mental stress.

By interacting with these same receptors, some experts believe that the element could trigger similar responses. Though research is unconfirmed, some speculate that CBD and other cannabinoids could help regulate similar stress-related responses in the body. If this theory holds true, then CBD might help regulate things like pain, mood, sleep quality, and more.

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