Full-Spectrum CBD Lotion Bar

Doc’s Oils full-spectrum CBD Lotion Bar is the perfect solution for on-the-spot pain relief. Notably, the non-oily lotion bar includes 1000mg full spectrum CBD  — with or without menthol — to dull pain and speed athletic recovery. Expect fast, location-specific relief from Doc’s Hemp CBD Pain Relief Lotion Bar.

CBD Lotion Bar Features

Our carefully selected hemp lotion bars include the perfect quantities of full-spectrum hemp oil and optional menthol to help dull pain quickly. As such, these lotion sticks are great for athletes who struggle with location-specific pain or headache suffers who want a healthier OTC option. Importantly, these bars are easily portable and highly effective, allowing you to spot-treat pesky muscle pain wherever you may go.

How to Use CBD Hemp Topicals

CBD topicals work by penetrating cannabinoid receptors just under the skin’s surface. Notably, CB receptors are abundant in hair follicles and sweat glands and provide direct access to the muscles and joints just below. Essentially, scientists believe that cannabinoids interact with these receptors to trigger Endocannabinoid System activity. In doing, cannabinoids could help reduce inflammation, speed muscle recovery, and reduce pain and irritation.

To use CBD topicals, simply apply a generous amount of Doc’s Oils CBD lotion bar to the affected area. Next, massage the lotion into the skin. Within just a few minutes, you should start to feel relief and may feel the effects for an hour or more. Importantly, this topical product does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier. As such, you can reapply the CBD pain stick as often as needed to maintain comfort.

For whole-body relief, try our CBD hemp capsules.


Buy CBD Pain Relief Lotion from Doc’s Oils

Doc has been in the business of helping his community feel better for decades. Notably, he launched his hand-selected CBD product line as supplemental support to his long-standing chiropractor services in Granite City, Il. Essentially, Doc focuses on natural health and wellness. Additionally, believes that a healthy lifestyle is a key component of long-standing wellness. What’s more, Doc believes that CBD and other natural hemp components can help support mobility and improve discomfort, making it easier to maintain healthy habits daily.

Doc’s CBD pain relief stick is one of his best-selling items. Notably, our customers love our CBD pain stick because of it’s fast-acting, skin-nourishing capability. Contact us to learn more about our CBD pain relief lotion bar or shop our full selection of CBD hemp products now.

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